Todays’ context brings challenges and opportunities for youth to act, express potential to boost green innovation, get inspired from stories coming from abroad, and use all to change their life and the society.


Specific Project Objectives: – 

1.      To foster youth workers methods in creating innovative social opportunities in labour and entrepreneurial field by sharing good practices, tools and methods;

2.      To provide young people with the tools to create and sustain a social-intercultural entrepreneurship through non-formal education and experiential practice improving their creativity and innovation while also experiencing how to develop small sustainable projects;

3.      To raise awareness on sustainable development and global environmental issues among young people and local communities;

4.      To create an EU-African network of young people who can share innovation and improve their communities by finding sustainable solutions;

5.      To promote sustainable social entrepreneurship, quality employment and education opportunities among regions outside the EU involving local stakeholders.


The project will include the following activities:

·         Kick-Off Meeting;

·         Job Shadowing for youth workers;

·         Local workshops for young people;

·         Pre-departure training for young people;

·         Boot Camp to foster social and green entrepreneurship among youth;

·         Local activities to develop small projects;

·         Large Scale Youth Event to present the results of local project involving business angels;

·         Final Meeting.


Main expected outcomes and results:

·         high-quality series of podcasts on youth entrepreneurship know-how and knowledge (OER) by experienced youth workers, experts and trainers broadcasted across the EU and beyond.

·         Improved NGOs capacity in supporting NEETs young people in their entrepreneurial development by shared know-know and innovative tools.

·         Follow-up activities and projects development among involved actors in the social and environmental sector with the support of a fostered local networking.

·         Strengthened collaboration and networking among the African and European involved countries.